Class Rules

Like any worthwhile activity in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to participate in Hobie sailing. The Hobie Class Rules set forth in this booklet, and the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) as distributed by your National Sailing Federation, are your guidelines to the right way to race … the Hobie way.

Current Class Rules

Please find below a current listing of IHCA Class Rules

The 2017-2020 IHCA Class Rules
( Updated 1st April 2017)

Hobie Tiger Rules
(Updated 18th July 2016)  

Hobie Wild Cat Rules
(Updated 18th July 2016)

World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing

World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing

World Sailing Incident Reporting Form

Class Policies

Please see below a current listing of IHCA Class Policies.

General Rule 10.1 interpretation

Hobie 16 Spinnkaer Policy

Hobie Tiger Upgrade Policy

Rules Forum

A detailed list of forum entries and rule discussions available for download and comment.

Archived Rules Forum

Rules Forum