Winter is over and the sailing season begins


It’s over! Winter, that is.

Climate change continues, and winter in my part of the world has come to an early and abrupt end. As I like to ski, this is always traumatic, but I was able to get on one last ski trip with my daughter.

My other winter activity is frostbite sailing at my sailing club. The weather was at least cooperative for that.
The daffodils are blooming now, and we are shifting gears as we move into spring. The Hobie is out of winter storage now, and our first regatta is coming up. First up for us is the Midwinters East regatta at Ocean Springs Yacht Club. It’s a two-day drive for us, but it has turned into our usual start to the Hobie sailing season. We really like the club and the sailing venue.

Looking forward to the calendar packed in May and June with sailing events, but then things spread out a bit. We have a few long-distance trips planned this season.

It’s time to find the sunscreen and get to it; here we go into sailing season.


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