About the IHCA


The International Hobie Class Association is self-administered and funded by its members, providing coordination, organization, and communication for the class worldwide. IHCA is like a worldwide sailing club specifically for owners of Hobie class catamarans and people interested in sailing them.

In order to become a member of the International Hobie Class Association, a sailor needs to join through their local fleet or national association. When you join your local fleet or national association, you will automatically become a member of the IHCA.

IHCA’s Mission:

To promote and develop Hobie Class sailing in all countries under unified rules.

To authorize, coordinate and promote Hobie World Championships and other Hobie international events.

To provide a means of exchanging of information among Hobie sailors throughout the world and to promote fun and enjoyment while racing Hobie catamarans.

To encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting, competitive and recreational aspects of Hobie sailing.

To have the skill of the sailor be the primary reason for winning our losing by keeping each boat as equal, simple, uniform as possible by rigidly maintaining, without deviation, the one-design features of Hobie sailboats for class racing.

To encourage the use of only racing tactics and sailing skills to increase boat speed.

To actively cooperate with the World Sailing and National sailing authorities in all countries where Hobie Cats are sailed.
On the local and national levels, these objectives are put into practice by hundreds of volunteers around the world who work all year round in sailing clubs, offices and even sailing federations to organize class events spanning from club regattas to training camps to national championships.

On the international level, a dedicated IHCA office co-ordinates the international racing calendar, organizes Hobie world championships, liaises with national and international authorities, manages the class website and social media, manages the class rules, and works together with the Starting Line Sailing to protect and promote the one-design class principle.

Benefits of IHCA membership:

• Eligible to compete at any Hobie Class-sanctioned event in the world
• Opportunity to qualify for official IHCA Championships
• Access to advice and support from a strong class association
• duplicate strong class association means lots of boats to race against, attracting the best sailors
• Strong one-design class rules allowing the sailor skills, not the amount of money you spend to win
• A strong class association means a strong resale value for your boat!
• What does the Hobie class association do with your membership dues?
• A portion of your dues stays with your regional or national association to fund their activities
• A portion of your dues goes to the international class.
• The class manages 13 websites as well as multiple social media outlets and an email-based newsletter system.
• Part of your dues pay world sailing dues to maintain our international one-design status.
• The class funds and produces online content (YouTube and Facebook) live streams to benefit our sailors
• We employ a full-time executive director and a part-time accountant to manage the affairs of the class
• Administrative costs such as bank fees, taxes, office supplies, internet access, phone, etc.

IHCA Constitution and Bylaws
2019 IHCA Council minutes
2022 IHCA Council minutes