2023 Open Danish Hobie 16 SPI Nationals

Danish Hobie 16 Open

Date: September 16-17, 2023

Location: Skovshoved Sailing Club, Copenhagen

The Open Danish Hobie 16 SPI Nationals took place over the weekend at the beautiful Skovshoved Sailing Club, with a gathering of 13 teams (12 Danish, 1 German). The championship unfolded:

Day 1 – Saturday
Saturday greeted the competitors with medium wind conditions, ranging between 10 to 14 knots, accompanied by waves that proved some difficulties for the teams. The weather forecast for Sunday was looking poor, therefore the race committee promised to try to get as many races as possible for the day. The day turned out to be very effective, with as many as 7 races finished. The conditions on the water made for exhilarating and closely contested races throughout the day. The competition was fierce, with as few as 3 points between the first and third boats.

Day 2 – Sunday
Sunday, unfortunately, brought unfavorable weather conditions as forecast, with little to no wind throughout the day. Participants patiently waited on the water, hoping for a change in conditions that would allow for the continuation of races, but little wind and too much current made it difficult. After several hours of waiting, the race committee made the decision to postpone all races, and for the sailors to receive future signals from shore.
The conditions never improved and the races for Sunday.
Despite the disappointment of not being able to compete on the second day, the sailors had already left a mark on the championship through the effective 7 races on Saturday.

The 2023 Hobie 16 Danish Championships offered an exhilarating regatta characterized by camaraderie and sportsmanship, in alignment with “The Hobie Way of Life.”. Congratulations to all the participants for their dedication and skill, and a special salute to the podium finishers for their performance throughout the weekend:
• Gold: Nicklas Heide Jørgensen & Olivia Berg Jacobsen with a total of 11 points.
• Silver: Mikkel Stampe Nielsen & Emma Chandler Hansen, who secured second place with 13 points.
• Bronze: Calle Hulthin Sørensen & Oskar Hansen, finished closely behind with 14 points.
Click here for full results.

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