Totally Immersed TV’s The Italian Job | Hobie 14 Worlds

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Totally Immersed TV's The Italian Job

“What now? Well, it’s time for a beer!”

Join Paddy, Mick & Rod as they take you behind the scenes in Circolo Vela Cesenatico for the Hobie 14 World Championships.

  • Directed & Produced by: Paddy Butler
  • Executive Producers: Hobie Asia Pacific, Vaikobi & Mick Butler
  • Cinematography & Film Editing: Paddy Butler & Mads Gillard

Part 1

G’day, Wallawanni, how ya goin, s’goin awn; however you want to say it, Totally Immersed TV is back in Europe! Paddy & MB are finally on location in Cesenatico or the pristine east coast of the Italy. As the sun beats down on the dusty, grey sand, the Butler Boys begin the task of setting up their Hobie 14s. With plenty of work to get the European boats in line with the Australian set-up, catch a glimpse of the first few steps of the process…


Part 2

It’s the second day of boat building for the Butler Boys. Rigs are adjusted, booms & battens are unpacked and attached to the sails, meaning only one thing: time to get out on the water! Christening the boats as ‘Blue Meanie’ (Midnight Oils’ first album) and ‘Daarlawan’ (Dhurga for Great White Shark), Mick & Paddy head out onto the Adriatic Sea for the first time, leaving the ‘Hot Rod’ on the sand in anticipation for her helm to arrive…


Part 3

Lead into a false sense of security on their second day of training, The Butler Boys were met with an overcast sky and droplets of rain on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. However, as the thermal breeze began to strengthen, and the clouds continued to dissipate, the boys were out on the water in full send mode. Back on shore, the boys finally got up, close and personal with a few of German Hobie 14s that have arrived in Cesenatico.

Part 4

It’s a cloudy morning on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and the boys have one mission: find a Hobie 16 to compete in the Hobie 16 European Masters Cup. Running for the next two days, it makes sense for the boys to get out on the race track, right?

With a stronger on-shore breeze forecasted for the day, it’s looking like it’ll be happy days! However, as a storm front wanders down from the north with a a few drops of rain, the Butler Boys call it as time for a siesta. But, alas, the storm passes and it’s back out on the water for three hours of bumpy sailing before, eventually, a bit of trapping.

The question and the end of the day is … did The Butler Boys find themselves a Hobie 16?

Part 5

Will they or won’t they? It’s the burning question circling the boat park as the Butler Boys are painstakingly searching for Hobie 16 to compete in the European Masters Cup. Tune in to find out whether or not they get our on the water, and if so, how will the seasoned team face the race course with spinnakers on the start line?

Part 6

It’s the second day of the Masters Cup here in Cesenatico, Italy – but that’s the least of our worries; because Rod and Kerry are finally here! Join Team Australia as they begin the inevitable tweaks that must be made to the brand new Hobie 14. Bring along a notepad because if Rod Waterhouse can learn something new, so can you! Following, the Butler Boys hit the Adriatic on the Hobie 16, hoping to advance on their third position. Will they or won’t they, either way it’s not worrying Paddy; because tonights Preso’ Night!

Part 7

It’s the day after presentation night, and Paddy’s not in a good shape. Left beaten, battered and bruised from the after party, that’s not going to stop him, Rod & MB from training on the Adriatic. Joined by half a dozen mates from Europe and Brazil, the Hobie 14s are swarming the waters off Cesenatico, sailing around the Hobie 16 fleet qualifying for the open European Championship.

Part 8

It’s the last day of training for Team Australia, and the boys have gone for longest sail yet! Rod, MB, Andrew & Paddy went out into the Adriatic to find a sea of mussels farms as far as the eye could see; and you wouldn’t believe, but Paddy even saw a turtle in the water! In the evening, the Butler Boys make their way to the cut party were we get to see for the first time the brand new sails used for Gold Fleet.

Part 9

Reporting live for Totally Immersed TV as the only media presence on the Hobie 14 race course, Team Australia is taking you behind the scenes and on the water for the 18th Hobie 14 World Championships in Cesenatico, Italy. With four races scheduled for the day in no more than 8 knots, the fleet are in for the time of their lives! With contention on the shore post sailing, join Paddy & MB for some plain speakin’ about their first day of the competition.

Part 10

With a broken big toe, Paddy’s restricted his step count indefinitely; however, that hasn’t stopped MB for the last 10 days! Finally taking one of the Hobie Asia Pacific GoPro Hero10s on his morning run, MB takes you through the streets of Cesenatico before the second day of racing. For all those watching from home, this is the paradise we’ve been slivin’…

Part 11

It was a long day on the water for Team Australia. With a light and shifting breeze, along with chop that would cut a lemon in half, it was tight, tricky and unforgiving racing in the Hobie 14 fleet. Join Paddy as he takes you between the races and the details that will make up the eventual scorecard you’ll all see…

Part 13

It’s the penultimate day of racing for the Hobie 14 World Championships; the third quarter if you will. In Division Two Reserve Grade Australian Rules Football, the third quarter is always the most critical. Stay in front of your opponents, extend the lead if you can so the final quarter you’re in front and stay in front. But with that in mind, it’s back to zero. Win the quarter, you win the game. With four races scheduled for tomorrow, the Rod, Andrew, Mick & Paddy will have to make them all count.

Part 8

Welcome to the final dance! Its the trickiest forecast on the water yet, and the World Championships is still all to play for! Paddy has two points on MB, whilst Rod is ahead of Thorin by the same margin. Will they get four races in? Will the storm hold off long enough? And will they make it to presentation on time? All these questions and more answered in the final instalment of Totally Immersed TV’s ‘The Italian Job’.

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