Third-Party Liability Insurance Update for the 22nd Hobie 16 Worlds

$300,000 Liability insurance and what does this mean?

The official Notice of Race lists the following:

[DP][NP] Competitor’s Insurance
Each “person in charge” (see RRS46) shall have current third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage, of not less, than $300,000 USD. Proof of this insurance must be presented at registration.

What does this mean?

Each “person in charge” must have third party liability insurance in order to participate and this insurance must be valid in the USA.

For USA residents, we strongly suggest you make arrangements with whoever your usual liability insurance provider is to ensure you have $300,000 in liability coverage. Examples are a boat owner’s policy, a home owner’s policy, renter’s policy or an umbrella policy. You must provide a copy of the declaration page of your insurance policy as proof of coverage at registration.

For international competitors, the above-described options may also be available to you. You may also have options through your national sailing association. For example Australian Sailing has options to purchase insurance on their web site. You must show us documentation (in English) confirming your coverage and the amount must be shown.


For those who do not have liability insurance, or do not have liability insurance, that is valid in the USA, the organizing authority has arranged for a policy that will fulfil your requirement to have third-party coverage. You can purchase this coverage from us at a cost of $100 USD before October 30, 2019, via the event web site link, or $125 USD on-site during registration. This coverage will be applied to the entire event and you only pay once even if you are sailing in multiple events. $100 is a flat fee and not prorated for the number of days you are sailing. We are offering this to assist competitors who have no other option.

To be absolutely clear, if you have insurance through your personal insurance provider showing the required coverage amount during registration, you do not need to pay this additional fee. You only need to show documentation confirming your $300,000 of personal liability coverage. ALL COMPETITORS MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED INSURANCE POLICY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT.

On behalf of the Organising Committee

To purchase the 3rd party insurance 

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