Sylt Sailing Week 2019 – Hobie World Cat. The best of the best coming to Sylt / Germany

The Sylt Sailing Week will start next weekend and Westerland will be the meeting point of Germany’s most spectacular sailing tour. On Friday, August 2, 2019, the sailing event of the extra class, which has advanced to the second largest sports event on the island, will begin.

Sylt has been hosting Hobie 16 events since 1998, always with the participation of Sylt’s veteran Willy Trautmann and Detlef Mohr.

A top-class sports program on the water, coupled with plenty of activities on land. Among them, for example, daily sailing on the simulator, live moderation of all regattas and a lot of culinary specialties on the event mile. And as you would expect on Sylt, with legendary After Sail parties. Through the media and especially through social media, results and photos are shared in near real-time and attract the greatest attention worldwide.

Every Sylt Sailing Week begins with the Super Sail Tour Final Race. A highlight in every regatta season in Germany. The best Hobie 16 sailors after their stops of the Super Sail Tour in Grömitz, Kellenhusen and Heiligenhafen coming for the last big race of the season together.

And nothing is like Westerland, where even a little west wind together with the tide can build a surf that demands everything from the sailors involved. The currents and, in offshore winds, the turning winds. The winner of the first weekend is truly a champion.

The top favorite in the race, the team of boot Düsseldorf with Lauritz Bockelmann / Kim Liedke, who have just won the silver medal at the European Championships in France and also they are in the lead the Super Sail Tour ranking.

Monday belongs to the partners and sponsors of the Super Sail Tour. It’s about the beautiful Gold Cup in the “Sansibar Race”. Sailed by sponsors themselves together with some of the best Hobie 16 sailors. Two or three regattas are scheduled in the shore of Westerland before the prize giving ceremony will take place in the Sansibar restaurant. One of the famous restaurants on Sylt.

In the second part of the Sylt Sailing Week, the best Hobie 16 sailors in the world will start at the Hobie World Cat. The sometimes rough and spectacular surf of the North Sea is not commonplace for many teams and demands the highest level of skill and fitness. Teams from around the world and continents will be selected based on their national and international rankings and invited by ProSail in consultation with national class associations. The field of 11 teams is packed with world champions, continental and national champions. The freshly baked European champions of the Hobie 16 class Cam Owen and Susan Ghent (Australia) come directly from France again to the World Cat in Sylt.

“To win the European championships this week is one of the highlights of our sailing careers. We are really looking forward to competing against the invited teams at Sylt and having to fight hard on the water to win World Cat 2019,” said Cam Owen.
For Germany the Jens Goritz of the island Föhr will start, the world champions Daniel and Nicolaj Björnholt from Denmark, the Italian champion, a top team from Brazil, Canada, world champions from the Netherlands and the USA, France, South Africa and the very young Polish champions Szymon Cierzan and Zuzia Szadziul are coming. For high voltage and spectacular action on the water is taken care of.

One of the highlights is the ultimate Hobie 16 Speed Challenge. A 380-meter high-speed race, parallel to the beach and in close proximity to the visitors. It starts within a time window individually and the ability and the best condition as well as an optimal sail trim decides.

“To be able to carry out the speed race, we look at the weather all the time and the waves,” says Jens Hannemann spokesman for ProSail. “There are a number of factors that need to be matched. We cannot schedule the speed race, but when it starts, it’s a unique experience for visitors and for our sailors. ”

As nice as the sailing on the water is, where else can you watch the sport, while enjoying a wine, a tarte flambée or scampi, if not on Sylt. Sailing starts every day from 12 o’clock.

Results, photos and information on Germany’s biggest sailing tour: Facebook at ProSail – Sail Events.
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