Invitational International Hobie 16 Trapseat Cup

Announcing the annual Invitational International Hobie 16 Trapseat Cup for 4 days of round robin MATCH racing in beautiful North Idaho.

Please Note one must be invited to compete in this Match Racing Regatta so long as they can independently race around the course safely, handle a capsize, and understand the racing rules. This is NOT a “Disabled Regatta.” Although skippers/crew with disAbilities will be primarily racing, HAVING A DISABILITY IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. This regatta is the first of its kind, as it allows Any and All persons to compete in the most INCLUSIVE & DIVERSE regatta ever to be held (see class rules below). Only 12 teams will be allowed to race. If you want to race in our regatta please email us at

This annual regatta takes place every 3 years!

Racers are also welcome (but not required) to participate in two days of activities prior to race days. The activities are as follows…

August 10 – Access Water Sports Clinic: A full day of accessible/adaptive multihull sailing and water sports clinic for those desiring to learn how to run a safe and successful adaptive/accessible multihull sailing and water sports program or desiring the knowledge to accommodate various disabilities.

August 11- Practice Day: The day before racing we will have one practice day for those wanting to get use to the conditions of the area and shake out skills for the following days racing.

August 12-15 – Match Racing: See NOR for details (Coming Soon).

August 15 Awards Ceremony: See NOR for details (Coming Soon).


Click on this Link to sign up/register

Donate via PayPal to help support this event to our non profit Access To Outdoors at this link

Having issues with the sign up/registration or donation link or want to sign up or donate via snail mail contact us at or text 208-704-4454.  NOR (Notice of Race), Coming Soon. If the email link does not work simply copy and past the email or link address into your system.


HOTELS/MOTELS: ATTENTION: If you need accommodations for your disAbility at hotels/motels be advised there is a limited number of accessible rooms so please reserve yours super early.
– Best Western Edgewater Resort (next to sailing venue) has 4 accessible rooms. Tight fit to get wheelchair into restroom…
– Best Western River Inn & Spa with 5 accessible rooms…
– Holiday Inn Express & Suites with 5 accessible rooms at ground level…
– La Quinta Inn & Suites with 1 accessible room ground level…
– Lodge at Sandpoint with 1 accessible room…
– Quality Inn with 2 accessible rooms at ground level…
– Further accommodation information is available through Visit Sandpoint, or via Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce . Please reserve your room far in advance. If you seek to do so and find all rooms filled, please contact us and we will see if we can help with searching for more rooms. This can take time and we may not be able to help at the last minute, so please do this in advance so we can help find additional rooms if needed.

CAMPING AND LAKE PEND OREILLE INFORMATION: Springy Point Campground is 6 miles from the race venue with some accessible tent and RV sites and includes accessible restrooms. This is the only close by campground with wheelchair accessible restrooms, etc. Go to the following link and slide down the page to number 44 to get accessibility information about this campground
To reserve a tent or RV site please visit this link or call? 877-444-6777

PURCHASES: All Hobie Cat sailboats, parts and accessories purchased from support this regatta and its accessible sailing programs. Attention will soon have an online store for ease of purchases. Link to be supplied here shortly.

T-SHIRTS: Please purchase an International Hobie 16 Trapseat Cup T-Shirt to support this event. Those sponsoring this event will be noted on the back of this t-shirt. Shirts will become available a week before the event to allow as many sponsors as possible to be printed on the shirt.


1. A Hobie 16 with Trapseats shall be sailed by a skipper with or without disAbility.

2. A Hobie 16 with Trapseats shall be sailed by a Crew with or without disAbility.

3. There shall be two Trapseats attached, one oh either side of the boat.

4. The crew ONLY may hike from any position.

5. When racing no part of the torso of the skipper shall pass the centerline (center lacing) of the boat.

6. Before a race the skipper shall nominate which side of the boat from which they will steer/helm the boat.

7. Rule 5 shall not apply in the event of a capsize.

8. No competitor will be disqualified due to assistance in the event of a capsize or other emergency deemed such by the Trapseat Class and/or race organizers.

9. Righting systems that are not motorized are legal to use when authorized by Trapseat Class and/or race organizers.

10. Races will take place in up to 15 knots.

11. Races will take place in protected waters and/or waters deemed safe by Trapseat Class and/or race organizers.

12. Hobie Baby Bob Mast Top floats can be use for safety purposes during races when approved by the Trapseat Authority and/or race organizers.

13. None Hobie parts and accessories can be used on any boat during races, such as non Hobie trampolines, etc. However no additional parts, gear, etc. can be added beyond Hobie Class rules. Also non-comptip masts are allowed. However when racing in Hobie class sanctioned events all items on one’s boat must be Hobie class legal (meaning parts and accessories must be made by Hobie Cat). In the US and Canada Hobie Class sanctioned regattas masts must have comptips.

CAUTION: We do not advise trapezing off the Trapseats top tube as slipping off can cause injuries even though many racing crews do so at their own risk. Trapseats have been in production since 1984 with no incidents associated with damage to a Hobie 16, however be advised that using Trapseats on a new Hobie 16 can potentially void the boat warranty if Hobie determines an issue was caused by the Trapseats. As with any outdoor activity injury or death may result, and the Trapseat Authority, its sponsors, race organizers, and associated sailing clubs/associations takes no responsibility to said results or voided warranty when using Trapseats.

Skipper Crew
1. Mike Strahle; Carl and Chris Strahle; CA USA
2. Ben Carter;
3. Rebert Lackey;
4. Donna DeMarest;
5. Bob Jones skipper;
6. TBA; Miles Moore; ID USA


About Mike Strahle:
Trapseat Sailing:
Great article about adaptive sailing:
Hobie 16 Blue Book:

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