Bockelmann / Liedke with super series to the victory of Hobie 16 in Grömitz

A more than successful prelude to Germany’s biggest sailing tour in Grömitz. The registration number of 100 boats in the classes Hobie 16, Hobie 14 and Open Skiff has been reached. All the water was full of boats, wherever the eye looked.

In the field of 60 Hobie 16 Lauritz Bockelmann / Kim Liedke won with a considerable lead of 9 points ahead of former champion Detlef Mohr / Karen Wichardt and Ingo Delius / Sabine Delius Wenig. Lauritz recorded 6 daily wins with a total of 8 sailed races. “It’s very impressive how Lauritz does that,” Detlef Mohr had to concede to the winners. “He sails very smart, then he has the necessary self-confidence and he sails his boat very fast.”

In the Hobie Cat 14, former World Champion from the Netherlands, Thorin Zeilmaker won ahead of Broder Diedrichsen and Friedhelm Weller. Zeilmaker could win 5 races, which brought him the convincing victory with 10 points in the overall standings.

No races could be started on Saturday afternoon with wind forces of more than 30 knots in the gusts. As proud and happy as the organizers Detlef Mohr and Willy Trautmann were about the fantastic registration numbers, the safety of all sailors was more important. The Sunday started beautiful with winds of 11 knots, beautiful sunshine, the colorful catamarans and the youth class of the Open Skiff were sent to the water. Unfortunately, the race committee had to send the sailors back to shore on the catamaran run after 3 out of 5 planned races, because the wind became very inconsistent, repeatedly turned up to 40 ° and dropped sharply.

On Monday they started already at 10 o’clock. 5 more exciting races, which were again followed with moderation from the pier by many spectators, could be sailed.

“It was a great event despite a windy Saturday. Participants from Denmark, USA, Brazil, Poland and the Netherlands, a great music program and Grömitz, who as always was a perfect host for us, “says Willy Trautmann from Prosail. “60 notifications for the Hobie 16 on a national ranked regatta is simply great in international comparison. In addition so many youth teams in the Hobie 16. A sign that our youth promotion of recent years pays off now.”
On the first weekend in July, the Super Sail Tour 2019 continues. “Back to the Roots” is the name of the game when Prosail returns to Heiligenhafen after a 10-year break.

Hobie 16 Results
Hobie 14 Results

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