2020 Beibu Gulf International Regatta Hobie 16 Class

18 teams braved the cold weather, 6-9 degrees Celsius and a strong current. Add a strong current and winds of 25-35 knots it tested these brave sailors. Fang Cheng Gang, China certainly started the winter off for these tough sailors.

Considering the wind and temperature were too severe to some of the sailors, RC decided to allow those teams who were not confident to add one more crew on their boat. The races were changed from course race to beach launching, round the mark and finish on the beach.

Only one boat capsized while all other boats finished the race with great excitements and thrills. Competitors stayed in cold water to help each other launching the boats, demonstrated great seamanship and Hobie spirit.

Congratulations to the winers and all those that braved the conditions.

First place: Lan Xinze & Liu Haosong

Second place: Mo Junyu & Ma Dongxing

Third place: Ye Wei & Shi Wenju


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