Hobie Raid 2021 Pescara, Hobie Fleet 808

Hobie 16 Raid Pescara 2021


For the Hobie catters of the Pescara 808 fleet, it is one of the most awaited events. The raid is always perceived as a social and pleasant race. Moving on to more playful than competitive activities, everyone wants to camp on the tents mounted directly on the Hobie with cats by the sea in total peace, lulled only by the sound of the waves on the shoreline and waking up at dawn with the rising sun. For the members of the 808 fleet of Pescara, it is only a few miles from home but it will be the magical place, the protected marine sites and without chaos, the summer, the desire to have fun – especially after the various lockdowns for covid19 – and above all the atmosphere of the fantastic group that… seems to be on the moon !! Although some crews occasionally and without warning with favourable weather conditions, during the summer weekends, leave for round-trip raids to the nautical base to be spent in the day, there are “official” and scheduled ones, with assistance in the water and in the land transport logistics, which usually moves a caravan of about 100 people including organizers, crews and accompanying persons. We are almost there….

This year, after two last editions of the “Cerrano Raid”, sailing north from Pescara to the Torre di Cerrano, a protected marine oasis, in the municipality of Pineto in the province of Teramo, we return to the south with final arrival at the Tollo station, well before the goal of the first 2 raid editions with arrival in Ortona with the “Raid dei Saraceni”.

After various meetings that began as early as the first week of May with the manager of the Baia Cattleya bathhouse to agree on the date of the event, positioning of canal entrance buoys with relative authorization by common ordinance no. 100/2021, train timetables of the nearby Tollo / Canosa Sannita railway station to move freely round trip Pescara for crews who do not wish to stay overnight in tents, check wi-fi coverage for the match on TV streaming European championship soccer of the Azzurri with Austria, check excel file for dinner participants with changes in membership numbers that continuously vary according to accordion, adequate parking spaces in the parking area reserved for the terrestrial staff luggage/tent logistics … … everything is ready for the 2021 event!

Saturday 26 June, in the early hours of the morning we meet at the home of the 808 “Barracuda” fleet to prepare the boats.
After the latest info received at the skipper meeting and the delivery to all participants of a beautiful red 808 lycra “Raid 2021” honoured by the sponsors, the multi-coloured sails of the sixteen fill the super crowded shoreline with swimmers. Ritual photos and off to the “seventh” raid (2013-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019), with last year’s edition, unfortunately, cancelled due to covid19.
“Fleet immunity” found: the very high percentage of people vaccinated between the 808’s.
Possible use of WhatsApp (video) called as VHF CHANNEL 16 (sixteen, as obvious as the cat model!) among 808’s sailors.
Sailing, not racing, mutual assistance/help. Fleet compaction areas are planned: in front of the breakwater (¼ round trip) and in front of the new tourist port Francavilla (¾ round trip).
We sail along the coast, an imaginary 5 meters deep. Even if you have to tack upwind, it is forbidden to go away from the coast, compact fleet.
Departure time at 12.15, 14 Hobie 16, compass bow s/e, east wind, the strength around 7/8 knots with the final sector on the trapeze. Duration 1.5-hour sailing.
Once arrived, the celebrations and toasts begin. After a first aperitif, the “Beato Ultimo 808” begins, a playful award ceremony that has reached its 5th edition. This is the awarding of the 808 crew that has stood out (last!) In the national multiclass Hobie regatta that traditionally every year in May the sailing club Svagamente and organizes in Pescara. The winners, rewarded with beautiful prizes from our sponsors Scavolini, however, must submit to playful activities imposed by statesman of 808, creator and jealous manager of the regulation. This year, due to the Covid protocols and decrees, the award ceremony was postponed due to the anti-gathering bans from the final day of the national Hobie regattas to this event.

In the roll of honour immortalised by the commodore’s races, chronologically over the years scenes of 2017 – horse of the carousel for children with crew wrapped in the flag cape Hobie sailing, 2018 – crew inside the house for children, 2019 – crew with bucket and spade for games on the sand, 2020 – crew with bow-mounted upside down on Hobie 16.

For this year it was decided to run the helmsman and the crew, with a challenge a ‘Sack Race’ initially planned for Hobie Sail Sacks. The diameter is too narrow, the well-fed 2021 winners do not matter. The commodore makes up for it with garbage bags. Are you ready? Go! they both look like OCS, but the race continues with the other 808’s behind the railings cheering. Beautiful arrival at the photo finish, with a spectacular comeback in a “dive” (but did he stumble or did he do it on purpose to win?): The helmsman wins, therefore “the last of the last in the fleet” is… This is the “Hobie way of life 808”!

Dinner, 41 people divided into 7 tables under very pretty Hawaiian-style gazebos. Dress code: green Hobiewaypersempre808 t-shirt.

European soccer match, Italy-Austria round of “16”: flag Italy and 808 on stick boat, PC with suitable screen and devices, viewing wi-fi streaming.

Pleasant dinner between Italy’s goals. The momentary 2-0 of Italy is seen and seen in the replay with the goal of Pessina; where will the blue player be inspired for his celebration with the dive? One 808’s poses his question: “Who was Pessina inspired by in the 2-0 victory in Austria?

A – Diving Championships

B – Snake Man

C – Giant lizard

D – Race with sacks 808 “

The answer is up to you…. Meanwhile, Italy wins and passes the turn, yet another toast!

We go to sleep late, with only the light of the first summer full moon, in the tent mounted directly on the trampoline of sixteen. Nautical camping 808 for 9 of the 14 participating Hobie 16 crews. The others go home to sleep to return to race on Sunday. A few hours of sleep, sunrise with the sun rising from the horizon of the sea, drone footage, time-lapse, then breakfast at the bar of the establishment.

The tents are dismantled, more photos with bathers in a place where cats, mysterious, fascinating and multicoloured objects, are usually not seen. More bathrooms, gorgeous water, obvious blue flag location. 12 pm: Skipper meeting of the “Commo” for the return: perfect marine weather forecasts, sun, direction and intensity excellent even for new and still non-expert Hobie crews.

At 12.10, we start: spectacular departure starting from the leeward ones for a total of 14 sixteen participants. compass S / E, wind direction almost equal to the outward journey, slightly lower intensity 5/6 knots. Many boats with music, Bluetooth speakers.

Duration sailing, almost the same time outward, 1.5 hours total.

Tired but very happy with this perfect HOBIE WAY OF LIFE style event!

Hobie fleet 808 Pescara


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