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David Scott, Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The big day is rapidly approaching and boats are on the water bound for Dar es Salaam. The wind has picked up lately, our seasonal southern monsoon wind, the Kusi, and over the last weekend when the club cat sailors competed for the Mercedes Cup, an annual regatta sponsored by CFAO Motors and Mercedes, gusts of up to 29kn were recorded in the bay. Needless to say there was some sail damage to a number of Tigers!

This hopefully heralds a great period of good winds that will last through to October when the rainy weather will start to set in for the 'short rains' or Vuli in Swahili. You may have noticed that there is a strong El Ninõ developing in the eastern Pacific. what will that bring to our shores. The '97/98 strong El Ninõ event (this year's is predicted to be stronger), brought significant weather aberrations around the world.

Tanzacat promises to be a highly competitive, and highly social, event as always, with some regular international, and a number of new internationals visitors preparing to join us.

Authentic Tanzania are handling all accommodation bookings of those who wish to use their services and discounts have been arranged for both the Dar hotels and the Zanzibar stop over lodges. Don't forget to contact them to make your bookings so numbers can be finalized and your room secured. On Zanzibar we will all stay at the same beach lodge.

Those of our visitors who are bringing non-sailing family along, please let us know numbers and whether they will accompany the spectator boat across to Zanzibar for the Raid, and back. Don't forget to include them in your accommodation request to Emily at Authentic.

A spectator and sponsor boat is also being arranged for the bay racing for those who are not participating but would like to get close to the action and spur on their favorite sailors.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to our sailing paradise. If you can take the weight, and if you remember, bring along 500ml of your local sailing waters for the traditional mixing of the waters at the opening ceremony.

We have had great support from our sponsors and thank them all for their commitment.

Take care and see you all soon.

David Scott
Tanzacat Committee

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