Lucinda and William Edwards (RSA) winner of Hobie World Cat 2015
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Lucinda and William Edwards (RSA) winner of Hobie World Cat 2015



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Hobie World Cat 2015
Jens Hannemann, Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Electrifying finale by thousands of spectators on the beach of Westerland on Sylt. As spectacular as the sailing in Germany has so far been rarely seen.
After yesterday doldrums at the Brandenburg beach the organizers of the Sylt Sailing Week were confident to provide the best sailing conditions on the final day. 4-5 beaufort from Northeast, to a billow were offered to visitors who've already come to the first race of the day at the promenade and the beach.

The best 10 teams in the world's best-selling boat class Hobie 16 catamarans were confronted by a real challenge. The race committee had announced 4 races on the last day. At the beginning the German team with the specialist Jens Goritz from an island Föhr next to Sylt and his crew Susanne Gehrmann got their hopes up to win the overall victory but had to bury these during the second race. A mistake at the start, which led to a collision and damaged the rudder, forced the Germans to repair it at the beach. An important top ranking was lost and in the end a very good second place was left.

During every day the Hobie Tiger world champions 2015 Lucinda and William Edwards from South Africa showed the most consistent performance in the slightly smaller Hobie 16 catamarans and won the Hobie World Cat in 2015 convincing with 4 points lead after 11 races sailed.

Daniel Björnholt and Nicolaj Björnholt from Denmark were the best to come to terms with the demanding conditions on the last day. Three day wins and a second place finally brought them a place on the podium. Unfortunately it was not enough for more, because on the previous days the brothers didn’t sail that well with the shifting winds as they were used by themself.

The organizers of Prosail, who conducted a sailing event on Sylt for the 18th time this year and saw the World Cat in its 5th edition, were thrilled by the audience and press response. "This is just unbelievable, so many interested spectators on the regatta on the water. The sailors, with the finish on the beach, have to sail to a dark crowd of people. We are thrilled about this encouragement and especially about the deserved appreciation for our sailors," said Willy Trautmann of Prosail Sail events.

Overall, the Sylt Sailing Week with the German Final Race on the first weekend, the Tourist Open on Monday, the Sansibar Race for Prosail sponsors and finally the Hobie World Cat was one of the most successful sailing events Germany has seen so far. More than 100.000 visitors in 9 days, perfect wind and weather conditions and many very happy Hobie sailors.

“We are looking to 2016 and we will start with our planning now,” says Jens Hannemann, PR Manager & Photograph Prosail Sail Events. “We have so many amazing ideas for the next year that we can not wait to begin and looking forward so much to see all these happy sailors again in Germany!”

Final results after 11 races (2 discards) :

  1. RSA     total 24                        final 16 points
  2. GER     total 35                        final 20 points
  3. DEN     total 36                        final 21 points
  4. AUS     total 57                        final 38 points
  5. NZL      total 52                        final 39 points
  6. FRA     total 54                        final 40 points
  7. NED     total 78                        final 58 points
  8. USA     total 85                        final 67 points
  9. CAN     total 86                        final 68 points
  10. BRA     total 101          final 81 points

RSA: Lucinda & William Edwards

GER: Jens Goritz & Susanne Gehrmann

DEN: Daniel & Nicolaj Björnholt

AUS: Chris Hancock & Nicklas Heide

NZL: Fletcher & Georgia Waren-Myers

FRA: Florian & Nicolas Hublet

NED: Thorin Zeilmaker & Meagan Bursa

USA: Andy & Lisa Dinsdale

CAN: Nicolas & Laurence Liebel

BRA: Joao Filipe Kraemer & Lawsin Beltrame


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