5th Hobie Dragoon World Championships & Day 6 Hobie MultiWorlds and Hobie 16 Europeans
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5th Hobie Dragoon World Championships & Day 6 Hobie MultiWorlds and Hobie 16 Europeans



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Lou and Swan Berthomieu 5th Hobie Dragoon WORLD CHAMPIONS
David Brookes, Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 6 of the Hobie MutliWorlds and Hobie 16 Europeans was the last day for the Hobie Dragoon World Champions. The last day for the Hobie 16 qualifiers and Hobie 16 Youth with Spinnakers to qualifier for the Hobie 16 Gold fleet. Sailors from each European country Hobie class have already had their top sailors qualify in their own country.

The sailors in Hobie 16 Gold Fleet will have a new sail provided by Hobie Cat Europe to race. Silver fleet will also continue racing with their own sails in a separate fleet.

In the morning the race committee sent the sailors out. Unfortunately storms to the north caused an unstable wind pattern. The race committee sent the sailors back to shore for lunch while the wind increased and stabilised.

After a break onshore the sailors headed back out to the race course in a 5-8 knot southerly breeze.

5th Dragoon World Championships had two races today. The Swetenham sisters from Jersey Island had a successful day with two 2nd places. They echoed on the beach ‘we started the worlds well, had a bad middle section and came back at the end. We are so excited and pleased to sail so well. ‘

Nothing could stop Lou and Swan Berthomieu FRA with their  consistency from winning the world championships. Going into the last day with a five point lead she did more than enough to secure the world championships. The young sister sailed consistently during the World Championships. They were so excited to win the 5th Hobie World Championships. Lou said ‘this is Swan’s first regatta and we won the Hobie Dragoon World Championships.  Swan, was equally excited ‘we won the worlds at our first time together’.  After speaking to these two young talented sailors it is very clear the have a very long and exciting time in sailing. They remained very calm during the sailing and also after the racing. The sport of Hobie Cat sailing has a long way to do with all these young sailors who are as professional both an off the water.

The Hobie 16 Youth with Spinnaker Nicklas Heide and Martin Holm from Denmark won with a 17 point advantage over Alessandro Cesarini from Italy. The top 4 all progress to the Gold Fleet.

The top Hobie 16 sailors from the qualifier will move into the Gold Fleet and race with sailors prequalified from their own country. There was a series of recalls on the Hobie 16 fleet . Didier Arnould, and Vitrac Mateata from Tahiti won the qualifiers, All will start their points from zero again tomorrow.

The Hobie Wild Cats and Hobie Tigers start their World Championships. With sailors from around the world turning their skills in these two classes. 

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Lou and Swan Berthomieu 5th Hobie Dragoon WORLD CHAMPIONS