September 16, 2016

South African Hobie® Tiger Extreme Series and Triple Crown 1

Hobie Cape sprang into action at the start of the 2016/2017 season with Spring and the West Coast Flower season bringing heaps of visitors to the area.

First up was the Triple Crown #1 with a great turnout of 25 boats and eager sailors frantically trying to recall how to rig their favourite chariots after a long winter. Cobwebs dusted off and the odd small wildlife creature deposited safely on the beach, the boats headed into a Spring howler for just over 2 hours of muscle memory. By no means were they eased back into sailing. Lots of fun, sore bodies and screaming muscles left a very satisfied and happy Hobie family on the beach at the end of the day.

Next day was the Hobie X Extreme Racing round 1 – and a few of fallen mighty from the day before, didn’t venture out until well into the racing! Those able to coax their muscles into action, had a second great day on the water right in front of the club, to show off what Hobie X Racing is all about. A perfect day with lighter winds than Saturday and a fantastic spectacle for the non-sailing club members who came out onto the lawns to watch. Short and fast racing through a gate at the flag pole, sapped the last drop of energy and we called it a day after a few hours, leaving the exhausted but happy teams to head home. Well done guys – you are all legends.

This is just the start and what a way to get things going.
Next month is round 2 of the Hobie X and we look forward to see what the weather holds in store for this one!


Tracy Whitehead