Hobie Regattas everywhere in Brasil for all ages.

The Brasil Hobie Class has fun filled regattas around the country. From a family three day journey up the Old San Francisco River. To the National Championships, Cumbuco Brach in the State of Ceara.

There is a lot of Hobie action happening all over Brasil. So don’t miss out on the Hobie fun.

April 21 – 24 – San Francisco River, Bahia

The Hobie Family from the states of Sergipe, Bahia, Pernambuco, and Rio Grande do Sul will start a three day journey up the “Old San Francisco River”, which forms the border between the states of Bahia and Sergipe. The Hobie Cat fleet from Aracaju, Sergipe organized this fantastic journey of 160 kilometers to the “Sugar Loaf” mountain. Even though the event is a social family event, we expect that someone will win the rights to declare that they arrived first.

April 30 – Canasvieiras Beach, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

One more event in the Hobie Cat 14 and Hobie Cat 16 circuit in Santa Catarina will be held on the Canasvieiras Beach on the island of Florianopolis. For the third consecutive year, sailors from the states of Santa Catarina, Parana, Sao Paulo, and Rio Grande do Sul will compete. The races start and finish on the Canasvieiras Beach and the French Island serves as the principal buoy of the course.

May 26 – 27 – Guarapiranga Reservoir, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brasil

For the first time in man years, the global Hobie Family welcomes the Southeast regional Hobie Cat 16 and Hobie Cat 14 championship back on the calendar. The Sao Paulo Hobie Cat fleet is organizing the event to be held at the Clube de Campo do Castelo on the Guarapiranga Reservoir. The reservoir is located within the limits of the city of Sao Paulo. Sailors from Sao Paulo should compete with teams from Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, and Espirito Santa. We all are very excited about the return of the Southeast Championship Regatta to the official calendar.

October 29 – November 11 – Cumbuco Beach, Caucaia, Ceará

The annual Brasilian National Championship regatta will be held on Cumbuco Brach in the State of Ceara, a paradise that is a perfect back-drop for the “Hobie Way of Life”. Annually, this resort town receives many tourists, including thousands of Americans and Europeans. These tourists seek the white sands, crystal clear turquoise water, and the wind that has made this beach a favorite of kite surfers. We are all looking forward to a spectacular event and will circulate additional updates as we approach October.

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