Focus on the stripes of the tennis ball.

How many times have you had one of those unpleasant things happen on the boat and it’s just messing with your concentration? Some recent events, have prompted me to revisit a book that I read years ago, Tim Galloway’s Inner Game of Tennis. It’s a classic book on sports psychology and Galloway talks about that relaxed state of focused concentration that is so important to achieve. It’s a good reminder to not try too hard, something I am sometimes guilty of. As I think back to our most recent regatta few weeks ago, I reflect on how the relaxed state of concentration not only leads to better success but creates a more fun environment.

My reading on the subject has also now expanded to Galloway’s Inner Game of Golf. Same idea but applied to golf. I am convinced that Galloway’s main points can be applied to any sport. I have to admit my golf game is not very good. In comparison my wife hits the golf ball straight down the fairway every single time sigh. I encourage you to give Tim Galloway a read.

On the world championships front, we released the event website It’s been a 2-½ year project to get to this point and we are still 15 months away from the actual event. This next Hobie 16 World Championships is a true partnership between the Hobie Class volunteers and the Hobie Cat Co. It’s been a learning experience for us all and we are all excited to offer you the best event possible. What’s next after 2019? It’s takes years to put these events together and the IHCA welcomes inquiries about future events.

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