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To: Hobie Cat sailors, IHCA Council members and IHCA Regional Associations
From: IHCA Rules Committee
Subject: Trapeze Harness Weight

Dear all,

The Olympics in Tokyo revealed we may have some challenges on hand regarding the maximum weight of trapeze harnesses on 2 kg as specified in the latest version of RRS 50.1 (b). The max. 2 kg requirement applies to us as we have not changed it in the class rules. Many of the trapeze harnesses including the popular Zhik T3 are above the required weight in RRS 50.1(b).

The conclusion of the IHCA Rules Committee is it may serve the sailors and the Hobie classes best, if we change in our class rules RRS 50.1 (b) max. 2 kg limit to max. 3 kg. This extra margin should to the best of our knowledge address the trapeze harness weight challenges and eliminate a lot of potential problems at events.

The IHCA Rules Committee recommend the following changes;

Delete General Rule 18.1 and replace with:
A competitor may carry or wear a maximum of 10 KG of clothing and equipment. Additionally, the trapeze harness shall weigh no more than 3.0 KG as allowed by RRS 50.1 (b)

Delete General Rule 18.1(b) as that is covered in the RRS
Delete General Rule 18.2 as that is covered by General Rule 17.5

For the Tiger & Wildcat add new:
(a) Trapeze harness. The weight shall not exceed 3.0 kg, as allowed by RRS 50.1

Voting wil close 01 November 2021 23:59 UTC

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