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Presidents Report

What do we do in January?  Every 4 years in the US, we inaugurate a new president here in the USA. This guy, well, Trump is interesting.  We are all holding our breath and hoping for the best. Many of my non-US sailing friends have pelted me with questions about the voting process, the impact of social media and “what’s next?”  I live near Washington D.C.  It’s tough to be associated with the disarray and follow-on discontent, and I tend to distance myself from the lunacy in the media and in some parts of the US government. The only good news is that they gave us the day off from work for the inaguration as the roads in D.C. were jammed with protestors.  Staying off the roads was a good play

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Executive Director's Report

This time of year is a busy time for all Hobie® sailors. As the Northern Hemisphere concludes their season with their championships. The Southern Hemisphere season is starting off.

As the calendar year closes on 2016 we look back at what has been a very busy 2016. The highlight for the Hobie ® year in 2016 was a very successful Hobie 16 World Championships in Dapeng, China. The crowning of a new Open, Women and Youth World Champions and International Cup winners in the Masters, Grand Masters and Great Grand Masters. It was a big effort for all the teams to attend and it was very much appreciated.

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Past Champions
Meet the sailors that have conquered Hobie sailing’s true test to lift the trophy and become Hobie World Champions.
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