February 26, 2020

2020-21 Australian Hobie Cat National Championships

The Hobie Class is returning to the scene of the 2015 Hobie 16 Worlds and 2010 Australian Nationals on the crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay. Vincentia Sailing Club are excited to have the Hobie family return to the club, and are looking forward to an even bigger fleet than the 100 boats at the Vincentia Nationals of 2010.

Now is the time to start planning your holiday at Vincentia and sail with the iconic backdrop of Point Perpendicular.

2 Series Format

This year we are mixing it up a bit by altering the format. The Hobie 16 Open event will take place first, with the mixed fleet in the second series. We know there are quite a few 16 teams that take their H16 Open nationals very seriously. These sailors can now sail their “main event” and then kick into fun mode and jump on a Hobie  14, 18 Tiger or Wildcat to mix it up in series 2. This will also make more boats available for the H16 Youth and Women events in Series 2.

Series 1 
28th to 31st December 2020

National Championship for:

  • Hobie 16 Open
  • Hobie 16 Masters
  • Hobie 16 Grand Masters
  • Hobie 16 really old blokes

Series 2
2nd to 5th January 2021

National Championship for:

  • Hobie 14
  • Hobie 16 Youth
  • Hobie 16 Women
  • Hobie 18
  • Tiger
  • Wildcat

The web site has all the details

Bushfire and COVID-19 impact
Like many parts of Australia the NSW South Coast has suffered devastating impacts from the recent bushfires. Not only have hundreds of people lost their homes, businesses up and down the coast are struggling after towns were evacuated during what should’ve been the peak holiday season. This event at Vincentia is a great opportunity to support a regional area that relies on tourism.

Vincentia Sailing Club and the NSW Hobie Cat Association are both working in preparation for the 2020 Nationals. Like all sporting events in the near future, we are assessing how Covid-19 will impact our event. We are listening to and waiting on advice from our Health and Government Authorities about when we can make decisions with more certainty. Both the Club and Association are keen to run the regatta. We are increasingly optimistic that the restrictions we are enduring right now will help the country be in a healthy state in a couple of months so we can enjoy a fantastic Nationals regatta together.

A crucial part to a Nationals regatta for our competitors is travel, knowing everyone can visit beautiful Jervis Bay and get home without compromise to people’s health or needing to be in isolation when they get home will be necessary. We recognise this will be difficult for international competitors, but having open borders to allow travel throughout Australia would be vital to the decision to lock in the regatta.

The second key to a Nationals regatta is accommodation. Historically, the new year period means booking early to get close to the club. Getting a decision out to the Hobie community as soon as possible is important for this. The NSW South Coast will be keen to bring travellers into the region after we turned them away in January for bushfires and again now through Covid-19. A local Airbnb provider said they would welcome having discussions about potential visitors for the new years period already.

If you have any questions regarding the Nationals, please feel free to use the contact page on the event web site.