Hobie Regattas everywhere in Brasil for all ages.

The Brasil Hobie Class has fun filled regattas around the country. From a family three day journey up the Old San Francisco River. To the National Championships, Cumbuco Brach in the State of Ceara. There is a lot of Hobie action happening all over Brasil. So don’t miss out on the Hobie fun.

2016 Italian Hobie Cat Multiclass Championships 2—5 June Circolo Velico Svagamente, Pescara

The 2016 Italian Hobie Multiclass hampionships for Dragoon, Hobie 16 and Tiger will be raced at Circolo Velico Svagamente, Pescara. Racing will be on the Adriatic Sea. For the Hobie 16 classes will be extended to Youth, Women, Master, Grand Master and Great Grand Master.

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